Achieving a beautiful cup of coffee using the batch method is not difficult when the brewer is tuned properly, the right amount of coffee is used, and it is ground to the appropriate coarseness. To avoid stale tasting coffee, it is best to brew fresh coffee more frequently, rather than a larger amount once.

Setting up
We suggest starting with the recommended coffee doses below, but encourage you to adjust and tweak the amount to suit your palate. Water - Ground Coffee:
64oz - 4oz (113g)
128oz - 8oz(227g)
1.5 gallon - 10-12oz(283-340g)
3 gallon - 20-24oz (567-680g)
Load the filter
Load a paper filter into the coffee maker’s brewing funnel and add freshly ground coffee (medium coarseness, approximately that of sand), and press out the sides of the filter against the sides of the brewing funnel so that the filter won’t fold down over itself during the brewing process.
Start brewing
Place a decanter or airpot under the spout and activate the brew switch.
Serve to the masses.

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