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LIONSHARE Espresso Blend

A blend crafted specifically for enjoyment as straight espresso. Smooth, sweet, balanced, and absolutely sublime.

LionShare is our recommended blend if you will be serving espresso without the accompaniment of milk or water. We crafted this blend in the traditional Italian method using a dry processed estate Brazil, a dry processed Harar from Ethiopia, and a washed robusta peaberry from India. The full-natural Brazil gives the blend a wonderful base chocolate note, and the harar adds a light touch of blueberry. The robusta peaberry, approaching 20% of the blend composition, adds an alluring thick and creamy body. The blend is exceptionally low in acidity, which many people love in a straight shot. You can brew Lionshare for cappuccino, but we'd only recommend it if you're looking for a very low acidity blend. When combined with milk, the chocolate character is further enhanced, and the fruit comes through, but because of the lack of acidity, if too much milk is used, it is not a very balanced flavor. However when served neat, the balance is remarkable.

Brew Method: LionShare Espresso Blend® is roasted and blended to be enjoyed primarily as a straight shot, though many enjoy it as a Macchiato or Cortado as well.

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$17.00 for 12oz
$43.00 for 1kg
$92.00 for 5lb

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