Due to COVID-19 we have suspended group events until further notice.

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Experience An Interactive Seed-To-Cup Journey

This event is designed for groups and teams interested in a coffee experience unlike any other. For more information or to request an event for your team, please submit a request.

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Get Involved

Coffee is so much more than a daily source of energy. Join us for a sensory journey and an interactive seed-to-cup story and more.

Support Sustainability

Roasters make decisions every day which influence farmers and workers around the world. Learn about the choices we make to build direct relationships and a thriving and sustainable coffee industry.

Experience Luxury

Delicious coffee results from a blend of art and science. Allow us to present to you nuances in perfect balance. Taste the fruit of masterful cultivation at origin, reverentially preserved through roasting.

Group Event Details

Duration: 75-90 minutes
Capacity: 20 guests

Core Event Offerings

Born from the Earth
Explore green coffees from around the world

Virtuoso’s Forge
Roast a batch of coffee together

Sensory Science
Participate in a professional coffee cupping


Please contact us for pricing and more information. Additional group event offerings are available upon request.

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