The Macchinista School:  Our research, development, training and education program for coffee professionals from all experience backgrounds who want to elevate their skill sets to the next level.  We utilize an 800 square foot, climate controlled and nearly sound-proof room to provide undistracted, comfortable learning conditions for front-line operators of coffee preparation and stewardship technique.  Featuring many of today’s leading espresso machine brands, students can develop their skills and cross-train on different technologies as they evolve in espresso machines and grinders, learning the intricacies of each.

We also put a primary focus on the importance of “Train the trainer.”  When coffee retailers have moderate to high staff turnover rates, it becomes critical to have a self-perpetuating training mindset to ensure internal quality control.  Mnemonics are integrated into learning presentations so that students will be prepared to become teachers.

Finally, the Macchinista School is outfitted with the current equipment specifications of the World Barista Championship and is available to baristas on a pre-scheduled basis who are training for participation in those competitions.  We strive to be as supportive as we possibly can for our industry and community.