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Ethiopia Sidama


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The Sidama “Dur Feres” showcases mixed berries enveloped in a creamy texture, hints of red cherry and white flowers, and finishes with distinctive clarity. This versatile coffee can be enjoyed using many brewing methods.

“Dur Feres,” or “Wild Horse” is a community micro-lot from South Central Ethiopia in the Bensa district of the Sidama growing region. Caffè Lusso is proud to showcase this coffee as it was crafted in the spirit and homage to legendary Ethiopian coffee producer Mohamed Ogsady, whose world renowned “Horse Harar” was the benchmark of one of the greatest coffees in the world for many years. We first started roasting Mr. Ogsady’s coffees around 2003 and have always cherished the distinctive blueberry character from the natural processing that made it famous. As the global birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia enjoys a wide spectrum of flavors that can be discovered in its unique regions of coffee harvesting. While Harar is the northeastern province most renowned for the blueberry aroma from the traditional harvest preparation method, the large area of Sidama in the south-central part of the country has its own reputation as a floral and fruit powerhouse. Blueberry compote fills the air while brewing this coffee and speaks to the fruit-forward delight of Ethiopia’s unique terroir captured at 1800 meters above sea level.

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