Lusso Original

Rescue:Freedom Blend

Blueberry Cobbler, Chocolate Covered Cherry,
Light Caramel, Brazil Nut

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About this coffee

Using two of our core Direct Relationship offerings from Brazil and Ethiopia, we created a blend that is complex, round, and smooth. Notes of blueberry cobbler and chocolate covered cherries meld with a light caramel and subtle nuttiness to create a well-structured and lasting finish.

For every bag that we sell, we donate 10% of sales to help bring freedom to those in slavery. These women and children previously forced into human trafficking and sexual slavery are finding freedom, support, and mentorship through our primary nonprofit partner, Rescue:Freedom International. We partnered with this organization in 2012 and are proud to say this program has been very successful. To learn more about this amazing nonprofit please visit

Brew Method

All drip coffee methods, French press, or vacuum brewing. This blend also works great as espresso.

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