Lusso Deluxe Gift

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A gift for your friend who is way too serious about their coffee. Let them try a variety of luxury coffees, across a wide range of flavor profiles and equip them with a glass V60 dripper by Hario, so they can brew a clean cup of coffee. Finish it off with just the right touch of thoughtfulness with a classic Caffè Lusso mug and paper V60 filters so that they are ready to go.

Product Details
  • Functional and beautiful, this mug showcases classic Italian design and modern artistry. The Caffè Lusso emblem rests atop a solid porcelain body with a subtly curved rim and a straight-edged handle, serving as a gentle reminder to enjoy a little moment of luxury with every sip.


    11.5 oz | 320 ml



    Made in Italy

  • Hario V60 Glass Coffee Dripper 02


    Pour over coffee has made a comeback in recent years, and with it comes great innovation. Made in Japan, the Hario V60 Coffee Dripper blends iconic design with great functionality, making it a fantastic pour-over method for drip coffee. It features a heat-proof glass cone, measuring scoop, and spiral ridges to help you extract the best characteristics the coffee has to offer. The V60 is perfect for dripping coffee directly into your cup, travel mug, or the Hario V60 Range Server, and can brew 1 - 4 cups of coffee. Need a recommendation on how to brew with it? Check out our Hario V60 Brew Guide here.


    Please Note: this brewer uses the Hario V60 Paper Filters for 02 Size Dripper

  • Hario V60 Paper Filter for 02 Size Dripper (40 filters)


    Made in Japan, these filters are specifically designed for the V60 02 Drippers. With limited flow restriction to enhance clarity and balance in the cup, these 02 filters have a capacity of 1 - 4 cups. These filters are made with 100% oxygen bleached paper pulp.

  • The coffee sampler features 4oz of each of these coffees (whole bean):


    Sumatra Mutu Batak | Fresh earth, Cedar, Cocoa

    Ethiopia Sidama | Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry Cordial

    Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso | Milk Chocolate, Carmel, Praline

    Rescue:Freedom Blend | Dark Chocolate, Blueberry Cobbler, Almond