Our History


Caffè Lusso was born from a passion for coffee and the desire to build connections among diverse groups of people around the world. Philip Meech had been working in retail coffee bars since 1994 and realized coffee was a great equalizer. People from all circles would enter the shop, place an order, and begin conversing—forming a connection over perhaps their only similarity: coffee. Philip saw an opportunity to expand this concept beyond the city to encompass the farmer and origin. In 2000, he installed a small roaster in his garage, began building direct relationships with coffee farmers and less than one year later, won a tasting competition. Caffè Lusso provided customers with a connection to the farmer and a window into origin with unique offerings of sustainable coffees.

Within two years, the growing company moved into a facility with a larger roaster and began investing in more parts of the seed-to-cup chain. By providing high-end brewing equipment and developing a barista training curriculum, Caffè Lusso became a single solution for an entire coffee program. As Caffè Lusso grew, so did the relationships with farmers and producers, ensuring the quality and nuance that was cultivated at the farm was preserved at the roastery and finally presented beautifully at cafes across the country.

In late 2017, Caffe Lusso expanded into its current location. The new facility was designed to showcase the entire farm-to-cup journey and the relationships that Philip was inspired to grow nearly 20 years ago. Housed within this facility, the Macchinista School™ is a hub for training, education, and collaboration—a school dedicated to learning every aspect of coffee for coffee professionals. Caffè Lusso remains open to the public to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans and its team members are always happy to share the passion of this diverse industry.


Fastidious selection of small estate and micro-lot coffees, hand-roasted by mindful artisans to accentuate every origin’s unique nuances. With this approach we showcase brilliant clarity in the cup, with the hope that every single sip is truly memorable.

As the Eastside’s oldest micro-roaster, we have been pioneering the Direct-Trade model of sourcing since 2001. One of our core values is connecting directly with growers, so that together we may produce the best possible coffee.


Good results don’t happen by accident. We have no alchemy. No secret process with a fancy name. We just start with the best green coffee in the world and carefully steward it through the roasting process.

There is no computer guided program or profile we use while roasting, everything is all done by hand using all five senses to ensure we obtain a consistent, well developed flavor profile that is true to our brand.

Our Team

Philip Meech

Owner & Founder

Philip Meech learned to appreciate coffee from his grandfather when he was 8 years old, and you might say it stuck. After working at several high volume retail coffee bars, an encounter with a small micro-roaster in 1997 forever altered his vocational trajectory from focusing on medicine to pursuing all things coffee. Now with over 25 years of professional coffee service on the Eastside, including more than 500 baristas trained, he dedicates his time to overseeing Caffè Lusso’s development and direction.

On the weekends he dabbles in classical French cuisine, continuing wine education, keeping a close watch on the Seattle Sounders FC, and staying connected with several nonprofit organizations including Rescue:Freedom International and Orphan Relief and Rescue.

Jacob Wolf, PhD

Director of Finance

While working on his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Davis, Jacob helped teach a course which utilized coffee roasting and brewing methods to introduce a chemical engineer’s approach to solving problems. That course helped him realize his passion for combining his education and interests: delicious food, delectable wine, and most importantly, great coffee. Through networking he came to realize his proximity to the coffee industry, having family and friends who farmed coffee for generations around the world.

Jacob grew up in the Seattle area and returned after completing his education in California. For the essential study breaks during his PhD, he worked in a wine tasting room in Sonoma and coached tennis. He loves the outdoors, technology, and any opportunity to experience the beauty of combining art and science.

Austin Dean

Roastery Administrator

Austin Dean joined the Caffè Lusso team in February of 2019. His everlasting love for coffee started when he was 12 years old. After a long night of studying, his mother offered him some coffee in the morning, and his days have started with a cup ever since. With his move from the sunny state of California, he has found new grounds to explore, not just in the Seattle area, but in magnificent cups of the world’s best coffee.

Austin was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He soaked up countless days in the sun coaching water polo and swim team programs. With how much he loves being around the water, the Pacific Northwest is the perfect fit for him. When he is not at Caffè Lusso, he is playing water polo, going for a ride on his long-board, or training at the gym.

Andrew Horton


After working as a barista for several years, Andrew Horton wanted to take a step back in the production process and learn the art of roasting coffee. He is constantly surprised by the depth and nuance the coffee world has to offer and is excited to continue to explore it. Working at Caffè Lusso perfectly combines his love of coffee with his passion for local business.

A lover of the outdoors, Andrew spends his time camping in the Cascades, biking around Lake Washington, or running through his neighborhood in Lake Forest Park. On the weekends, he can also be found experimenting with various coffee brewing methods or putting his Bachelor of Music degree to work as a church music intern.