Our History

Caffè Lusso was born from a passion for coffee and the desire to build connections among diverse groups of people around the world. Philip Meech had been working in retail coffee bars since 1994 and realized coffee was a great equalizer. People from all circles would enter the shop, place an order, and begin conversing—forming a connection over perhaps their only similarity: coffee. Philip saw an opportunity to expand this concept beyond the city to encompass the farmer and origin. In 2000, he installed a small roaster in his garage, began building direct relationships with coffee farmers and less than one year later, won a tasting competition. Caffè Lusso provided customers with a connection to the farmer and a window into origin with unique offerings of sustainable coffees.

Within two years, the growing company moved into a facility with a larger roaster and began investing in more parts of the seed-to-cup chain. By providing high-end brewing equipment and developing a barista training curriculum, Caffè Lusso became a single solution for an entire coffee program. As Caffè Lusso grew, so did the relationships with farmers and producers, ensuring the quality and nuance that was cultivated at the farm was preserved at the roastery and finally presented beautifully at cafes across the country.

In late 2017, Caffe Lusso expanded into its current location. The new facility was designed to showcase the entire farm-to-cup journey and the relationships that Philip was inspired to grow nearly 20 years ago. Housed within this facility, the Macchinista School™ is a hub for training, education, and collaboration—a school dedicated to learning every aspect of coffee for coffee professionals.