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A Sustainable Philosophy

Good results don’t happen by accident. We have no alchemy. No secret process with a fancy name. We just start with the best green coffee in the world and carefully steward it through the roasting process. There is no computer guided program or profile we use while roasting, everything is all done by hand using all five senses to ensure we obtain a consistent, well developed flavor profile that is true to our brand.


Our rotating selection of bundles feature some of the best pairings that we’ve been able to curate involving fresh roasted coffee and other fun finds, such as local artisan chocolate, or Coffee Blossom honey from Guatemala, unique Caffe Lusso ceramics, or even variety sample packs of coffee, hand-selected from our full roster of our trademark blends or single origin estates.

Coffee Subscription

Treat yourself or a fellow coffee connoisseur to a regular shipment of fresh Caffe Lusso coffee.  Choose the signature flavors that you enjoy the most, as well as which bag size, and how often you’d like to receive them, and look forward to a convenient arrival to your front door!

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