Lionshare Espresso Blend

Cranberry, Salted Chocolate, Sandalwood | Roasted for Straight Shots

  • Inspired by the traditional style of central Italy, the Lionshare Espresso Blend® is crafted specifically for enjoyment as straight espresso: smooth, sweet, balanced, and absolutely sublime. Composed of dry-processed Brazil and Ethiopia Sidama beans, along with a dash of washed robusta peaberry, this coffee features chocolate and fruit notes with a light touch of aromatic Sandalwood. A lovely coffee for those who enjoy espresso neat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sean B
Super forgiving

Pulled this 1:1 all the way to 1:2, both excellent. Lots of body and sweetness and good aroma. I’ll have a hard time choosing next time whether to get this or GMC.

Candace and Cookie
Damn good espresso!

Our absolute favorite for espresso, espresso drinks - coffee too!

charles griffin
My Favorite Espresso Blend

I have and I keep trying other roasters around the world… I have yet to taste a better balanced and deliciously roasted blend espresso coffee.
Thank you !

P Lewis
Bold, smooth taste

The taste and caffeine content of this toast makes it a favorite. Smooth, bold and refined tasting.

Jaime O. Diaz
Still the best espresso bean!

For years I have tried many espresso beans looking for my daily beans. Caffe Lusso team continues to provide a consistent flavor profile from batch to batch. We love it so much that we order both the Lionshare and the Gran Miscela Carmo every time we place an order.