Guatemala Finca Florencia

Baking Chocolate, Orange Peel, Honeysuckle

  • This small-farm Guatemalan coffee highlights the chocolate and floral notes archetypical of the region. As our most popular coffee brewed using the drip method, it is balanced and complex with layers of baking chocolate, orange peel, and honeysuckle.

    Inspired by our first sip, we had to share this coffee with the rest of the world. From the Huehuetenango region in Northwest Guatemala, Rodulfo Jacinto Jimenez Lopez is the embodiment of Guatemalan coffee excellence. Grown at elevations of 1,450-1,750 meters on the steep hillsides of this mountainous region, Rodulfo and his two sons practice minimal-processing on their own wet mill, highlighting the simple elegance of coffee from the region.

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