Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso Blend

Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Praline

  • The Gran Miscela Carmo Espresso Blend® is composed of three coffees from the Carmo de Minas region in Southeast Brazil, a hidden gem gaining prominence. Each coffee in this blend comes from a different family we formed a direct relationship with starting in 2008.

    Pulling notes of caramel from the Canaan Estate and roasted nuts from the Condado Estate, this sumptuous blend is crafted atop a foundation of a chocolatey Peaberry coffee. The balance and complexity are best highlighted as espresso, particularly when enjoyed as a cappuccino, latte, or americano.

Customer Reviews

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Sydney Lankford


Mark Sunderland
Great coffee

Caffe Lusso has provided me with some of the most consistent delicious beans for quite some time now.

stephen noland
espresso bean

little slow shipping think it was USPS they ship to Spokane then to billing then back to Spokane then to Wenatchee finally to my post office at Leavenworth USPS need to work better

Meghan Young
The best espresso ever

Let me say this: when we’re low on these beans, panic ensues. They’re absolutely delicious and a staple in our household. Smooooooooooooooth, low acid, notes of caramel and chocolate and with a beautiful crema. We drink it primarily in lattes (I’m especially partial to an 8 oz oat latte) but it pulls beautifully for anything you want! 20/10 recommend, put it on subscription right now!

SL Cunningham

I was given some coffee from another roaster and being frugal had to use it. What an amazing relief when I was able to return to GM Carmo. My breakfast coffee is again delightful.