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October 23, 2023 2 min read

It seems the time is right to return to a storied and nostalgic past with a darker roast on this beloved origin of Sumatra. Over the last several years, we've wondered if people missed a darker roast done well. Sumatra is the natural answer to this question due to its ability to respond to heat and produce a rich and robust cup.

The change to a darker roast profile for Sumatra centers around the idea that a dark roast doesn't need to mean bitter, burned, or carbon ash. The goal of our roasting has always been balance.

A note from Philip on Lusso's Histroy with Sumatra:

Even the name commands its own space. From our first weeks of roasting and selling coffee in August of 2000, Dark Sumatra was always on our active roster. Popular first with our home coffee lovers, eventually we developed a wide following for this hearty, Northwest classic. Rugged enough for the great outdoors, anchored enough for weighty conversations, and classic enough for archetypical aficionados. We’re ecstatic to see its return to the offering sheet!

Sumatra is an origin most people will come to remember as their first experience with a rich, robust, full-bodied coffee. With a mouthfeel weighty enough to keep you grounded in a windstorm, Sumatra is not a coffee that is pushed around by a decadent chocolate mousse, instead it is known for its naturally heavy body, which does not decrease as a roast is taken further as some coffee origins might. It can hold its own – in all brewing methods. Whether you prefer cream and sugar in your coffee or just black, Dark Sumatra is a profound expression of deep roasting.

In the cup, we have a high viscosity, perhaps closer in tactile percept to honey than water. The first nose offers hints of brown sugar, and a delightful soupcon of molasses. Sumatra understands if you need to buckle your seatbelt before the first sip.

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